Ceremony Theme

The first thing to consider when finding your ideal wedding music is to look at what type of civil ceremony you are having. Will it be a refined traditional affair, a light-hearted day with plenty of laughs, or a quirky, freewheelin’ rollercoaster of a day? Ask yourself our 10 Questions on our ceremony checklist.

Even though you might have looked at approximately 5,000 wedding boards on Pinterest, it’s important to remember that you should stay true to yourself.

Things to Consider

It’s your day, so inject a sense of your style and personality (and your partners too of course!) into the general theme and musical entertainment and you can’t go wrong.

Have you always dreamed of having a 1950’s themed wedding? Do it and use sources like Pinterest, Spotify and Instagram for inspiration. Once you know what kind of theme you’re going for, your music can be tailored to roll in.

Creative Ceremony Themes We Love

We’re just gonna throw our two-cents in here because we can.  We’ve been around the block and seen many themes come and go. Here are the top 5 ceremony themes that we’ve seen through the ages and loved:

  1. Alice in Wonderland Theme – Think magical décor, lots of teapots and a mystery fairytale vibe in a outdoorsy venue.

  2. Festival Theme – Perfect for a laid-back, effortlessly cool affair, with tons of colour and a playlist to match.

  3. 1920s Theme – Never fails to stun. We’ve played for a couple before who opted for a “Great Gatsby” style civil ceremony with flapper music choices and Russ Colombo’s “Too Beautiful For Words” as the entrance song. Astounding.

  4. EcoFriendly Modern Affair – We stay as green as we can at Civil Ceremonies with MusicAngel and are especially keen on ceremonies that do the same.

  5. Nostalgia Theme – Lollipops on arrival and dress code reflective of the 80s or 90s, simple and fun.

Remember: You don’t have to have a “theme” defined, just style a ceremony to fit the personalities of you and your partner. If that means a registry office and two people, followed by a home gathering with a low-key guitar and piano duo to entertain because you’re both so chill, then so be it.