Your Venue

The next thing to consider is the style and size of your venue. If you’re gonna be walking down the aisle in a small intimate, private garden, you’ll want to reflect that with the music. An acoustic guitar duo, a solo harpist or a pianist will be subtle and won’t overpower the atmosphere or distract from the main event.

 If your civil ceremony is taking place in a large, public venue, you might want something that’ll make more of a dramatic impact. In this case, our classical quartet, The Kooky Ukes, or The Cedartones would be sure to make an impression.

Our team at Civil Ceremonies at MusicAngel can help you decide with their experience, advice and expertise.

What kinds of venues can you have?

With a civil ceremony, you can have it pretty much anywhere (law abiding and of reach of course). Is there a place that’s particularly special or memorable to you and your partner? Consider it.

Typical venue locations that have become popularised in recent years are as follows: hotels, restaurants, gardens, homes, Dublin city itself, beaches, forests, lakes, hillsides, registry offices, theatres, universities and the list goes on.

Do your research with trusted wedding sites, starting with this wonderful article from our friends over at One Fab Day.