The Lowdown on Choosing Music for your Civil Ceremony

Inspiration Station

No matter whether you have your civil ceremony booked or you’re just doing some research on your options, we’re here to help you choose your perfect wedding musicians. Think of this section as your personal inspiration station! Now take our hand and we’ll lead you through our top tips for choosing the entertainment for your civil ceremony.

Preliminary Paperwork

Once you’ve registered your civil ceremony venue, you will receive a marriage registration form. Some offices, but not all, will require you to confirm the readings and music which will take place at your ceremony one month before your wedding date. You’ll usually be asked to post these details to your chosen registrar. For more information on the ins and outs of holding a civil ceremony in Ireland, you can view the HSE’s guidelines.

Choosing Music

Now that you’ve got all of that pesky paperwork out of the way, it’s time to get organizing the fun stuff – the music. Woohoo.

When it comes to civil ceremonies, the good news is that you’ll have way more scope and flexibility with your musical entertainment than you would with a traditional wedding.

As it’s not a religious ceremony, you can choose whatever music your heart desires – providing your celebrant is in agreement (always check, to be sure, to be sure). In short – the world is your oyster. If you want to strut down the aisle to your favourite Beyoncé or Spice Girls tune, we say more power to you.

Checklist: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Now, firstly, take a pen and paper out and jot down your answers to these ten questions. This is your first port of call – discover what you and your partner want.

  1.  What three words sum up myself and my fiancé/fiancée?

  2. What kind of venue am I having?

  3. How big is my wedding going to be?

  4. What kind of music do we both like?

  5. Is the type of music we want easy to organise or set-up at our chosen venue?

  6. What’s the style and theme of our ceremony: traditional or contemporary?

  7. How much do our audience’s age and generational tastes influence us?

  8. What is the tone of our ceremony – light-hearted or serious?

  9. Are we following the normal ceremony route: entrance, signing and exit?

  10. What’s our budget like for the music for the ceremony?



Answering these questions will give you some clarity on what you both want and what outside factors are important or influential in your planning.