Choosing Individual Songs

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to choose the individual songs for your ceremony but rest-assured, our acts are full of suggestions. Why not have a browse through some of our performers’ set lists to get some good ideas for choosing the music?

When you start planning your dream playlist, you might want to first start by checking with your registrar if there are any restrictions on the music such as church or hymns.

Moments of Importance

The most important aspects of the ceremony are the processional (the moment the bride or groom walks down the aisle), the moment after wedding vows are exchanged, the lighting of the candles (music is optional here) and the recessional part (when you walk back down the aisle as a pair of newlyweds).

There are loose rules here – generally people pick something personal and emotional for the walk up the aisle and something really upbeat and happy for the recessional.

The team here have all been to our fair share of weddings and our philosophy is to choose songs that have a special meaning for you as a couple. And remember – have fun.

Our Ideal Civil Ceremony Song Choices

We’ve got fairytale civil ceremony line-ups in our head and this one knocks us off our feet every time we think about it:

Processional Song Choice: “Blower’s Daughter” – Damien Rice

Lighting of the Candles Song Choice: “Air on a G String” – Bach

Vows Song Choice: “Kissing You” – Des’ree

Recessional Song Choice: “One Day Like This” – Elbow

We hope we’ve helped you get closer to booking your dream act. If you do need more advice or suggestions, just holla at us! Give us some details about your big day, and we’ll offer you our expertise.